Why Face is the Mirror of health

faceThe face contains many health-related secrets :

Often people see our face, our mood understands that we are happy or unhappy, we are angry or are in the mood to chill. Many people even see the face and tell them that human is good or bad. Probably, it is said that the face of a person is a mirror, but our face is not just a source of strength but also our health.

The forehead, eyes, nose, tongue, lips, and mouth are all connected to other parts of the body. If there is something wrong with those organs then its effect appears on the face.

Today, we are going to tell you about some such things, with the help of which you can stand in front of the mirror and learn about your health. So what’s the matter of late? Let’s start with the forehead.


If there are pimples and perpendicular streaks on your forehead, then it can be a sign of pain in the gallbladder, liver problems or digestive function. The forehead is attached to the body’s nervous system and digestive system.

2.Fix this way

To avoid this problem, you should stay away from stress and do yoga. You should reduce the number of processed foods and fat in your food and drink it in the warm water in the morning and after lemon squeezing.

3.Red eyes

Due to auto-immune disease or depression the color of the eyes becomes red. If you have yellowing in your eyes, then it may cause liver disease.

4.Dark Circles in the Eyes

Under the eyes, there may be problems like sleep reduction, lack of iron in the blood, and kidney disturbance after becoming a dark circle under the eyes. Green tea will also useful in this.

5. Contact the doctor

Contact the doctor immediately for the changing color of the eyes. Take enough sleep for the health of the eyes, drink more water and keep a distance from dairy products for dark circles.

6.Chronic bleeding

There may be problems like heart problems, high blood pressure, or liver disorder when the nose is red and flowing repeatedly.

7. Keep distance from spicy food

To fix this problem, include things like fatty acids, avocado, linseed, olive oil, and keep the distance from alcohol, spicy foods.

8.White stain on the tongue

If you are seeing a white stain on the tongue then understand that the amount of toxins has increased in your body.

9.Excessive water

To reduce the toxins in the body, you need to do detoxification of the body. For this, eat more water and sour fruit juices.

10.Pimples near the chin

Many women become pimples near the chin during periods. This is due to the hormonal imbalance in their body.

11. Stay away from stress

Women should stay away from stress to avoid hormonal imbalance. You should get plenty of sleep and exercise should be included in your daily routine.

12.Swollen lips

Due to food sensitivity, inflammation of the intestines or burning sensation, the swelling also occurs in the lips.

13.Drying of the lips

Lack of dehydration, vitamin B or iron deficiency leads to dry and dry eyes.

14.Effective measure

Drink more water to remove the dryness of the lips. If he is still not good then contact the doctor.

15.Dryness of the mouth

The dryness of the mouth is due to the lack of saliva. Behind it, dehydration, excessive alcohol, and smoking can be reasons. At the same time, it is also one of the early signs of diabetes.

16. Contact the doctor

You have to contact the doctor to find out diabetes. Also to avoid mouth ulcers and cuts, you can add a diet rich in vitamin B in your diet.

The look is What Everybody Wants :

Who does not look beautiful at all? Who does not want to look attractive In today’s era then this desire is for everyone. Then talk about boys or girls Pollution is on the rise in a run-down atmosphere. In such cases, girls are very careful about their faces. But what about boys? They keep on walking around and walking around.

But now the matter is going a bit different now. For some boys, being pimpled is as difficult as it is for a girl. Now the boys are also worried about this matter. They are also engaged in this effort to learn how to impress girls.

Only then have you come for us. We have some tips. After reading them, you too will think for a moment that I can do it like this. What’s the matter again late? Let’s learn about these beneficial tips.

Beauty Tips Beneficial For Boys

1. Make the face oil-free

Due to pollution, the skin is getting worse nowadays. This causes the skin to look poignant. Using a scrub twice a week, the skin cells die out. Apart from this, oil is also removed. Along with this, the face color increases too.

2.Wash face with cold water

If you wash your face with cold water every day before sleeping then sweat and oil are removed in your face. Pimples do not have trouble.

3. Do not use too much soap

Dryness comes from soap to skin. Use a body wash. This will give the skin a proportional moisturizer.

4.Avoid skin from ultra-violet rays

In summer or cold, every sun can harm you with ultraviolet rays. Sunscreens protect your skin from ultraviolet rays in every season.

5.Cover and hold face

Due to pollution, dust and soil have a lot of effect on the face. In such a way, cover your face with clothes in the exit. This will not make the pimples and blackheads in your face.

6. Put the mask

Using a fruit face mask twice a week, the risk of skin infection is overcome. There is a different freshness in the face.

7.Use of Multani clay

Instead of fruit mask, you can also use Multani-soil. This will also benefit you a lot.

8. Put moisturizer

After bathing and face wash, add moisturizer to the face. This reduces the dryness and wrinkles of your skin.


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