Green Tea Benefits and Side Effects

There are lots of benefits which you achieve only from using one ingredient. You most of the peoples are using that ingredient that none other than Green tea. Why you have to switch from black tea to green tea there are so many benefits of green tea. There is a technique for using or how you are using green tea for taking maximum benefits. Those persons who already switch from black tea to green tea knows that how they are improving their overall growth.

green tea benefits

First of all, I will talk about the proven benefits of green tea so Green tea is the healthiest braver age of the planets. If you are thinking to take any brave rage then you have to choose the first green tea because there are lots of benefits of green tea. Green tea is fully loaded from antioxidants and nutrients and these antioxidants and nutrients having powerful effects on our body. So one by one benefits we will discuss about these so let’s start.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea having Bioactive Compounds –

Green tea having this bioactive compound and this compound is very beneficial to improve our health.  There are many nutrients in green tea that is very important for your health. Through green tea, there is the best benefit of inflammation. The most important benefit of green tea is helping to fight from cancer.

Brain function Stimulate-

We have discussed that green tea has a bioactive compound and its bioactive compound is very important to stimulate our brain functions and ultimately it can make you smarter.

Green tea contains caffeine. Now you are thinking that the caffeine is already present in coffee but the quantity of caffeine is very important how much caffeine quantity you are taking. In green tea not a high quantity of caffeine is available as per the requirement of your body and your brain the green tea having the caffeine quantity. So it is very useful to make you smarter and very useful to stimulate your brain and it will sharpen your brain.

Reduce fat

The most important benefit of green tea and nowadays many people only taking green for this reason because every person wants to slim and active so this is the most important point it reduces your fat and it will also improve your physical performance also. The regular use of green tea will reduce your fat and it will also improve and boost your metabolisms system. So it is very useful to reduce a lot of weight.

Very helpful in Cancer

If you see there is a lot of antioxidants or we can say it is full of antioxidants so it is very important to fight form cancer and it is reducing to the risk of cancer. So it is very important for cancer. It helps in all types of cancers. It is reducing cancer risk by up to 50 percent.

Protect the brain in old age

Green tea also helps in old age and it protects your brain as you know many people is suffering that in old age they have a problem of forgot or memory weak problem through green tea regular uses the brain function risk will low and it will help to improve your memory.

Killing the bacteria

This is also important benefits that green tea helps in killing the bacteria it is also helping or improves your mouth conditions it reduces the infection risk. It will kill the bacteria in your mouth and your help to teeth bacteria condition. It helps to the healthiness of your teeth, mouth for a long duration.

It reduces cardiovascular disease

It also helps to reduce the risk related to cardio it is helping in diabetes also. So this is all reason you have to switch from black tea to green tea.


Green tea helps in obesity if your body having fat all types and in any portion, you have fat the green tea burn this fat it is very helpful to reduce your weight through burning fat.

Green tea gives you long live

The reason is that it reduces all types of risks like obesity, diabetes, heart disease so you can Green from all types of diseases if you are using or starting the green tea on time and the quantity is also important.

Types of green tea

There are different types of green tea available in the market.

Green tea available with artificial Sweetener in bottle form, Green tea is available with bags, green tea is available with leaves and green tea is also available in the form of capsules. So there are different types in which you can take green tea.

Side effects of green tea

If we talk about the side effects of green tea then there is mainly three side effect of green tea. All these side effects will occur if you are taking the high quantity of green tea that is the issue that you will be a victim of green tea side effects otherwise there is no side effects of green tea.

Caffeine sensitivity

Already we have discussed that the quantity of caffeine in green tea is less in green tea as compared to coffee. But if you are taking the high quantity of green tea then the sensitivity of caffeine through this it will be the side effects of green tea. Through this many problems occurs in your body like sleep problem, anxiety, irritation, and stomach related problem all these types of problem will be generated.

Blood thinner

If you are taking the high amount of green then it will thin your blood which is not good for your health. You don’t have to take green tea and aspirin together because both green tea and aspirin doing the thin to don’t take at the same time it is very harmful to your health. To avoid this type of thing you have to take green tea in limited quantity.

  • If you are taking some doctor medicine then you have to ask doctors that you can take the green tea or not it is very important some side effects may be there. Green tea can also increase your blood pressure or heart rate. If you are taking some mediation because green tea having vitamin K, Caffeine all this type so you have to take precautions from doctors.

These all are Side effects of green tea so you have to care about it.

  • You can take green tea late morning and early night this is the best time before this and after this don’t take green tea.
  • Don’t take green tea with food so you can take green tea before one hour of lunch dinner that is the best time to take green tea. You also can take after lunch and dinner after an hour gap that is also the best time to take green tea. That is the period when you can take the maximum benefits of green tea for your body.

Green tea benefits for your Skin

  • If you are applying green tea on your face it definitely maintains the PH level through this the oily skin problem will be resolve through this.
  • Green tea also helps in anti-aging it will remove rankles from your face.
  • It also helps in your dark circle.
  • If you are using green tea facemask then it will also improve your skin.

Green tea benefits for your hair

  • If you are using green tea in hair wash then it will help in your hair scalps and through this, your hair growth will also be increasing. All hair related problems green tea will helps.
  • Your hair will be shiny with the use of this.
  • If you are suffering from hair loss and you are using green tea as a hair pack then it will also help in your hair loss. You can use green tea hair mask green tea shampoo, conditioner.
  • It will also improve your hair texture.
  • It will also help in your thinner and splits hair also.

How to make Green Tea

You have to take

  • one cup of water
  • one tea bag

Now you have to boil the water there are different types of flavor of green tea you can use as you like.

After the boiling of water, you have to dip the tea bag in boiled water. The color will change light green. Up to 20 seconds you can dip the tea bag and shake this.

You can drink this green tea.


So the overall conclusion is you have to switch over from black tea to green tea and you can avoid milk tea. Overall growth will be there. And there is no comparison form of green tea. You can take green tea in any form but you have to know the green tea prepare process correctly.


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