Diabetes mellitus causes types of test and sugar level

Diabetes mellitus disease

What is Diabetes

Diabetes is also known as Diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a dangerous disease caused by a poor lifestyle. Much quantity or we can say the high quantity of sugar in our blood, This is a diabetes sign. The level of sugar in our body with the metabolic system is much higher than it should be, So we consider that person as a diabetic. According to the survey, 11% of Indians have diabetes. Diabetes is an autoimmune disease.

Diabetes test

Sugar levels are divided into two Test-

  1. (Empty stomach) fasting Test

During fasting, if more than 125 mg/dl of sugar is found in the blood, then it is a sign of diabetes as per WHO.

The normal level of diabetes less than 110mg/dl in this case.

  1. (2 hours after eating) Postprandial

If the amount of sugar in the Postprandial is more than 145 mg/dl, then it is a sign of diabetes as per WHO.

The normal level of diabetes less than 140mg/dl in this case.

3-Nowadays, hba1c is used to check for diabetes. If its level is found to be more than 7 percent, then that person is a victim of diabetes.

Diabetes that occurs at the time of pregnancy of women, we know as gestational diabetes. It is seen for the first time in many women during pregnancy.

Types of diabetes

There are mainly two types of diabetes.

  1. Type-1

  2. Type-2


Type one diabetes is most commonly seen in children under 20 years. There is a gland called pancreas in our body from which a hormone called insulin is released, the hormones in children stop coming out, due to which they become a victim of diabetes. The autoimmune disease causes hormones from the pancreas to stop. Insulin is the hormone with the help of which food is converted into energy. If insulin Harmon not present in our body, then our body is not able to control the amount of sugar.


More than 90% of people have type two diabetes. Type-2 diabetes decreases the sensitivity of insulin or decreases the amount of insulin released. Insulin is produced in type two diabetes but not according to the requirement of the body.

Mostly, it has been seen that the risk of type-2 diabetes is more when it is 30 to 40 years old.

  1. Insulin is not released as per the requirement of the body
  2. Insulin is going out but the sensitivity is over.
  3. If a man starts taking more stress then there is also a change of hormones in his body, due to which he can also become a victim of diabetes.

symptoms of diabetes

  1. Frequent thirst
  2. Sudden weight gain or loss
  3. Feeling hungry
  4. Blurry eyesight
  5. Having a hard attack
  6. Kidney failure
  7. Walk itchier

If the parents of a child are diabetic then the chances of developing diabetes inside that child also increase.

If you see any of these symptoms then you should contact your doctor or get your blood tested.

How fast food causes diabetes

The calories we get after eating fast food are more according to our requirements. That makes a man fat. And if the weight of a man increases from 50 kg to 80 kg, then the insulin which is coming out of his body, he needs to be subjected to insulin due to which he becomes a victim of diabetes.

Side effects of diabetes

Our body runs on all these things like sugar, carbohydrate, and protein, etc. and if it stops producing. So we have diabetes, because of which

  1. our eyes get spoiled.
  2. Chances of heart attack increase

So it can damage the system of the body.

Diabetes prevention

It is very important to first find out why you have sugar.

1- Due to Diet

We should eat according to calories and use at least fast food and junk food as much as possible.

2- Daily routine (physical activity)

We should always do physical exercises or yoga. And we have to control our weight under control. Doing physical work will also improve your calorie intake.

3- Stress level

And the level of man’s stress is different, so we should take stress according to our level, we should not take more than this. If you have a stress problem, then the best exercise is for you is Meditation and it will equal all your hormones levels in your body.

What to eat in diabetes

The diabetic patient should stop sweet things like sweets, sweet fruits, juices, etc. Vegetables should not be taken like potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. A diabetic patient should eat green leafy vegetables as much as possible, which is very beneficial for him.

In this race of today’s life, you have to maintain your stress level always. A diabetic person should always keep his stress level low. For this, you can do Yoga, Art of Living or any other courses to maintain stress level. A diabetic patient should always have good sleep, at least 8 hours of deep sleeping should be done.


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