Weight loss diet and obesity

Weight loss diet and obesity:-Obesity is one of the biggest problems in the world, it causes problems like metabolism, high blood pressure sugar, and the risk of disease is twice as much in the obese people as compared to the normal people.

Weight loss diet and obesity

So friends know why obesity increases you have to use a Weight loss diet, first of all if we want to lose weight then we need to know what causes our weight to increase, so let’s know what is the reason for increasing weight.

Causes of Obesity

1- Excessive intake of junk food

Weight loss diet and obesity

As we all know that nowadays people like to eat junk food quite a lot and some people make junk food quickly, so consume it to save time, it not only increases obesity but you also become a victim of other diseases. That’s why we should at least use junk food and fast food.

2-Decrease in manual labor

Nowadays, along with parents, children also take their time on computer mobiles, due to which their physical exertion does not occur and physical inactivity increases in children. Due to this, children along with elders also become obese.

3-Working in one place

Many of those who do jobs sit in one place and do their work, due to which their physical labor is not done at all and they are obese.

4-Extreme stress

If you take extreme stress in your life then it is also a cause of obesity. It increases weight.

5-Due to drugs

Sometimes due to prolonged illness, you consume a lot of medicines, due to which the side effects of many medicines increase your obesity.

6-Excessive use of sweet, soda and soft drinks

If you use these things more then it is one of the reasons for your obesity which leads to weight gain.

7-Lack of sleep

It has been found in many research that due to lack of neem, you have a desire to eat junk food, due to which your obesity increases.

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8-Because of hormones and genetic

If someone in your family or parents are overweight, then this problem is seen in children also.

9-Eat fast and sleep after

Due to eating food quickly, we eat food now, due to which the possibility of obesity increases. Which weakens digestion. Due to falling asleep early, food is not digested and fat is formed in the body, due to which you also complain of gas and stomach starts coming out.

10-Not having breakfast And stay hungry for a long time

If you eat late in the morning after dinner, then this time is increased due to which the amount of sugar in the body decreases and due to prolonged starvation, there are problems like acidity and laziness.

Weight loss Tips

Weight loss diet and obesity
  1. Use junk food sparingly
  2. Do manual labor or exercise
  3. Do’not work sitting in one place or getting up in between
  4. Don’t stress
  5. Use sugary soda and soft drinks sparingly
  6. At least 8 hours of sleep
  7. Eat food slowly and chew it
  8. Should not sleep immediately after eating
  9. Always have breakfast
  10. Use Green Tea That Burns Fat.
  11. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day

Weight loss diet

1-Leafy vegetables in Weight loss diet

Green leafy vegetables have low carbohydrates and calories. But it is rich in fiber. Which reduces obesity. All types of mineral vitamins and anti-oxidants are found in green vegetables. Due to the presence of calcium in these vegetables, it burns the fat.

2-Fruits in Weight loss diet

Weight loss diet and obesity

Due to the high amount of fiber inside the fruit, we should eat one fruit daily and It also contains natural sugar.

3-Dry fruits in Weight loss diet

If seen, cashew almonds have high-calorie content, but if used in a balanced way, it helps in weight loss. It is good for both your heart and mind and increases your memory. You get up every day and eat 10 nuts with one cup of milk whether almonds or cashews

4-Eggs in Weight loss diet

Eggs are very beneficial inside weight loss.

Eggs are high in protein and healthy fats are found in them. Boiled eggs at breakfast are very beneficial.

5-Masur lentils in Weight loss diet

Lentils are very beneficial for weight loss. Protein and fiber are found in high amounts in these and fat are found in a minimum amount.

6-boiled potatoes in Weight loss diet

Potatoes are found in many types of nutrients as well as on protium.

This proves to be very helpful in reducing blood pressure.


The incidence and weight gain depending on the calories.you have to use Weight loss diet. If you take in how many calories in a day it depends on whether your weight will increase or decrease.

Weight loss diet and obesity

There are some calories in all the things we eat throughout the day and they are fixed.

That’s why depending on how many calories you need throughout the day, it depends on your routine, depending on your age and it depends on your hight.

it is necessary to have all the balanced nutrients in the Weight loss diet, that is why till then you should have a balanced diet.

Easy exercises for weight loss

Weight loss diet and obesity
  1. Go for running and walking as per rule in the morning and evening
  2. If you know how to swim then Swiming is the best exercise.
  3. You lose weight even while dancing
  4. Try to walk more and use the stairs instead of the lift.
  5. You can have green tea instead of tea and coffee during the day.
  6. Jump rope is a very good exercise.

Weight loss diet and obesity

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