Trataka meditation benefits and all techniques

Trataka meditation benefits and all techniques:- In this race of today’s life, There are lots of Meditation benefits, Everyone lives with depression, stress, anxiety, etc. With the use of meditation, you can improve your self-awareness, concentration, memory power, self-confidence, etc

Trataka meditation benefits and all techniques

What meditation mean

  • Meditation is a way to feel your breath and mind.
  • It can help in your depression, stress, anxiety and there are lots of meditation benefits.
  • Meditation means to feel our consciousness.
  • It is a way where you can focus on only one object like on your breath.
  • Meditation is the process by which you can face every problem easily.

Meditation How to do

First, you sit down to an initial state. It is quicker to sit in meditation instead of sleeping. Now you have to close your eyes comfortably. Now you have to take all the attention inside your body and focus all the attention on your breath.

You should see the breath coming in and out and also see the effect it has on the stomach. When you breathe in, your stomach exhales and when you breath exhales your stomach comes in.

You have to focus on this process to take meditation benefits. You have to focus on your breath how it comes in and comes out. When you are taking a breath in then it is cold and when you exhale the breath then it is warm.

You have to feel both cold and warm. There is no voice and noise around you. Now you have to hear, see and enjoy this silence. Only focus on your breath does not try to control your breath.

If an idea comes, then do not pay attention to it, just pay attention to your breath that thought will go away in a while.

Trataka meditation benefits and all techniques

All the thoughts that come to your mind attention, none of them are good and bad or right and wrong. Only ideas that come if you did not pay attention to them, they will be gone.

All the thoughts will stop coming in a while. Now only you are paying attention to your breath.see the depth of breath. Do not feel the breath otherwise, you will sleep and you can not take the meditation benefits.

You have to do this for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Now you have to open your eyes slowly. This process is Meditation.

Why Meditation is important 

  • -Meditation reduces Emotions like – stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • -Meditation grow your brain
  • -By meditation you can increase your memory power, you can increase your self-awareness.
  • Meditation Helps in quitting bad habits Like, Quitting alcohol and tobacco.
  • By the Meditation, you can improve your concentration and immune system.
  • Meditation reduces heart disease.
  • Meditation makes you happier.
    • These all are the meditation benefits.

How Meditation Helps

If you are doing the meditation for 2-3 month then you will feel, what changes have occurred in your life? You will see that you have reduced or remove your stress, your concentration power has been improved. And all the benefits which we have discussed in meditation benefits.

Trataka meditation benefits and all techniques

How much Meditation is enough

  • 40 minutes is enough in a day 20m minute before sunrise and 20 minutes after the sunset.
  • one condition is there 20 minutes means 20-minute pure meditation should be there.

Types of Meditation

There are many types of meditation some of which we will discuss. 

Breathing Meditation

In this meditation, you have to see your breath how it is come in and exhale from the stomach. when it’s come in then it is cold,

you can feel in the nose and it is hot when exhale. Do not have to control your breath only see your not feel your breath otherwise, you will sleep.

In this way, you connect your consciousness with your breath,

Energy Meditation

we feel our consciousness is connected to the earth, all the energy of the earth is coming into us.

If you feel the response to coming energy, then that state is called the state of meditation. This is known as Energy Meditation.

Merging Meditation

we have heard that the soul is from the divine. So always feel that the soul inside us is going out of the body and merging with the divine. When you mix your soul with divine then you feel power or energy.

Scanning Meditation

is also a good method for meditation in this meditation scan of your body. When you are scanning your full body from top to bottom or bottom to top. In this meditation, you stay connected with your body. This meditation is a very good method to raise awareness.

Self-Expansion Meditation

we focus on a point inside our body as if we focus on the chest or focus on our brain. Think that energy is coming out from the focus point.

And we are slowly expanding and our consciousness has spread out of the body and spread throughout the Aura. We find out from mixed with the image of God.

Trataka meditation benefits and all techniques

Detachment Meditation

Detachment means separation, Breakaway from both your mind and body.

All thoughts are inside our mind then Detachment from the mind. When we imagine that our consciousness is getting separated from our minds.

and we are going far away from our minds. comes a sense of separation. That sentiment helps us to get into the mediated state.

Trataka Meditation

Trataka means to see, The form of Trataka is to see something with an open eye. There are two types of Trataka meditation one is Trataka meditation with an open eye and the second one is Trataka meditation with a close eye.

your eyes will focus on your conscience. In both of procedure, the famous Trataka meditation is the Ttrataka with a close eye. This is also a famous meditation technique.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation is a very old type of meditation, in this type of meditation, You have to chant the mantra at the time of meditation.

There are two types of mantra long mantra and short mantra you have to start with a short mantra. Do not repeat the mantra frequently.

You have to add your mantra OM with breath when you are taking a breath then silent and when you exhale the breath then you have to chant the mantra to the length of exhalation.

  • Yoga Meditation
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Spiritual Meditation
  • Qi Gong Meditation
  • Kriya Yoga Meditation
  • Vipassana Meditation
  • Zen Meditation
  • Self-Inquiry Meditation
  • Dzogchen Meditation

Meditation where to start

You can start meditation anywhere, just that place should be quiet, not too noisy, you should not disturbing anyone.

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