12 simple ways to save water

We know about how we can save water. There are lots of methods to save water. In our house, office, factory and our nearby. You can start water saving from the day starting.

save water

We all know about the importance of water that water is life. Our life is not possible without water.80 percent of water inside our body. Friends, water and money should be spent very thoughtfully.

As you know that 70% of the world is covered with water. Out of this 70% water, only 2.5% of water is freshwater in which only one percent of water is using for drinking.

Save Water is needed to get a good crop, water is needed to keep the body healthy and water is needed to keep things clean, then we can say that using water to live a balanced life is very

Tips for saving water

1-Use your flash with two buttons

If you are using this type of flush you can save water, because one button is for low water flash and the other one is for higher water supply. You can use it according to your use.

If you put some soil in a 1-liter bottle and keep it in your toilet flush. so that the use of 1 liter of water will be less inside each flush.

2- Use all home tap with low water supply –

All-day you are using the water tap for supply for different users in this case you can use those water tap which is supply low water.
Doing all the household tasks throughout the day such as cleaning the dishes and shaving, washing cloth. In all these tasks, do not keep the faucet open and use as much water as possible until at least open the faucet.

3- Use the bucket instead of the shower

While bathing. Save Water will more. Collect and wash clothes in the washing machine instead of every day.

4-Water meter should be installed

By installing a water meter, you can control your water consumption, you will know that how much water you used last month and how much water you have used this month, then you will do some percentage of water every month by comparing. This method will save water.

With this method, you can find out if there is a small leakage anywhere in the house and if you are not using water, then if the meter is being used too much.

5- Wash your car in the garden

Do not wash your car with a hose, wash your car with a bucket.you can view the videos on YouTube so you know how you can wash your car or bike in less water.

6-Water overflow alarm

Water coming out of the roofs of our houses is a common matter and water loss occurs. To avoid this problem, we should connect the alarm in the water tank so that if we fill the tank, then we know and the alarm starts to sound. You can save water by this technique.

7- R.O and A.C. water

You must have seen that 80% of water goes waste inside the RO that is used in water, then the wastewater we can use in our garden can be used to irrigate it.
In this way, the wastewater that comes out of AC, we can use that wastewater for garden irrigation.

8-Garden water

Use the wastewater of AC and RO which is inside the garden and you should give water in the evening till it can be inside the garden so that it does not become big as water vapor.
If possible in the garden, do not give daily water except one day and give water one day.

9-To heat water

When we need to heat water for small tasks every day, take water as much as it is needed, if too much water is destroyed, our gas is also wasted, both water and money are wasted. Are there, you can save both by reducing the use of water. When we wash vegetables in our homes.
Vegetables should not be washed with running water. To wash the vegetables, we should use a water vessel in which water is saved, Washing the vegetables to save water.

10-Collecting rainwater

The problem of water is mostly in summer and when it is the rainy season, we do not collect the same water, if we collect the same water then it is very useful for us.

11- Save wastewater

If you are wasting water in your day-to-day routine, then you can stop it and tell him that the water should not be wasted, thus preventing the hand from destroying the water.

12-To make aware

We know how to use water properly, This information should be passed to everyone and humans should be aware.


We should use water as far as possible. If a person is wasting water, he should stop us and give the correct information. People should be aware of how to save water

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