Heart Blockage and Heart attack

Heart Blockage and Heart attack:- The heart is an important part of everyone’s body. In this article, we know symptoms of heart attack, heart attack causes, and all heart information. Nowadays the number of hard patients is increasing day by day.

Our Heartbeat is 60 to 90 times in one minute. If a person has heart blockage or heart disease, He has a heart attack. If you are feeling pain near heart while you are working or lifting some weight.

Once a year, you have to check your complete body checkup. Every six months you have to check your blood pressure, diabetes level, etc. 

If you get a checkup with the doctor on time, you can avoid a hard attack by improving your lifestyle and many ways where you can get improve your health. 

Heart function

If we talk about heart function Our heart is an organ part of the body that pumps to blood in our body via the circulatory system, the heart is giving the oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and heart other work is removing carbon dioxide and other wastes from our body the tissue has required a regular supply of nutrients.

The heart is made by three tissues layer




 Circulatory system 

Our heart is pumping the blood throughout the body and body parts. this circulation system called the circulatory system.

Heart Valves

In our heart, there are four valves

Heart valve





All valves working as a gate open and close, and controlling the direction of blood.

What is blood Pressure

As we know that blood pressure means, the pressure of blood within the arteries. If the pressure is high from the normal range then it is called high blood pressure and if pressure is low then it is called low blood pressure will occur. The normal heartbeat is from 60 to 105.

By the Blood pressure measures, we can relate with 

1-Heart pumping action maybe change

2-thickness of your blood 

What is a heart attack

A heart attack occurs if there is a heart blockage in your blood Vein, By which your blood does not reach up to heart and muscles will be destroyed. In heart attack condition the oxygen supply will not go up to heart now the heart and brain muscles will be destroyed and we called it is a heart attack. Heart attack pain lasts for 30 to 45 minutes or more. 

Heart attack first aid

1- In heart attack condition you should Allow rest comfortably to the person to at his place. If possible don’t travel penitent forcefully in the vehicle.

After some time he feels better now you can travel. The treatment of doctors should be started as soon as possible.

2- Does not give any type of food in that condition.

3-Pump the heart or give artificial breath.

4-Loose all the shirts or tie to feel relax.

5- Let it get enough fresh air and 

6-Do not crowd around the victim.

Heart blockage

In our heart, there are a total of three veins all theses are known as coronal arteries, In those tubes, Cholesterol and fat (triglyceride) accumulate inside the veins.

Heart blockages

If the heart blockage is below 70% up to that the person will not feel pain, After this, he will feel pain-

1-When he is walking

2-When he is lifting weights.

The heart blockage will start from 0/%. if you don’t take care or you don’t eat the right food, the heart blockage will increase.

After 70 % of heart blockage, we feel pain. that I have some problems.

There is a layer above heart blockage we called it membrane. When membrane blasts then in the remaining 30% area there will be the blood coat.

And 100% heart blockage will appear and the patient will die. We called it a heart attack. 

Angiography for heart blockage

Angiography is an x-ray test. Which uses a camera and dye to take clear pictures of blood circulation inside the vein or artery. Angiography is performed for the veins or arteries of the chest, abdomen, hands, and feet.

How Angiography work for heart blockage

First, through anesthesia, the patient’s joint is numb. It blocks the arteries with the help of a wire. It helps to know where is the barrier and the size of the barrier. The dye is used to improving the image.

Heart attack treatment 


 2. Heart surgery (Bypass)

What heart rate is normal

The normal heart rate in rest condition is 60 bpm to 100 beats per minute.

Symptoms of Heart attack

  • A person has a heart attack there is a lot of pain inside his chest. which can not bear
  • Along with this pain, you also sweat.
  • Feels very tired and dizzy
  • A human feels difficulty in breathing
  • Even man becomes unconscious

Causes of heart attack

1-Smoking more

2-Less Physical activity in lifestyle.


4-Olily food is the major cause 

Test of heart attack

Heart attack test

 1. ECG – Electrocardiogram

 3. Blood test

After conducting this test you can find ensure that you have had a hard attack or not.

Heart weight

An adult’s normal heart weight is 250 gm to 350 gm.

Where the heart in the human body

The Heart in our body is the muscular organ and which is located in slightly left of the breastbone.

we can say our heart is in the center approximately. but that is not accurate. 

Heart chambers

In our heart, there are four-chamber 

Heart Chamber

1-upper left atria

2-lower left ventricles

3-upper right atria

4-lower right ventricles

Heart murmur

A heart murmur is a sound in the heartbeat cycle.

Can heart be transplanted?

Yes Heart transplanted is possible nowadays but a person who is suffering from very serious heart disease and he can die any time on that person it hearts transplanted procedure will be applied,

The heart replaced by any dead person his heart-healthy heart. In this condition, the person lives a maximum of 15 years.

Can heart problem causes gas

Gas problem is different from heart disease or heart blockage, In gastric attack, you feel pain like heart attack, but heart attack pain is very painful.


In this section, we have to fit our heart the main reason for heart blockage is oily food and less physical activity.

We do not use oil and eat oil-free food. Oil has no test only you have to learn to make food oil-free.

Physical activity is very necessary every day you have to do exercise and walking.

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