Hair Care Tips for Long Hair

Proper hair care is vitally important to achieving and maintaining beautiful hair that is in good condition with no breakage, split ends or flyaway strands. While more consumers are discovering the value of using organic skincare products for their skin, they are relatively unaware of the benefits of using organic products for their hair.

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There is no quick fix to getting great hair, but you can improve its condition and prevent it from getting out of shape.
Here are some great hair care tips to help you properly care for your hair.

  • You have to brush always to your hair before shampooing and comb it when wet.
  • You have to use always a natural bristle brush with a wooden base. Your Long smooth strokes will work best followed by stroking and your hand over the hair to eliminate static.
  • You can apply Heat to the hair in the form of dryer or roller it will cause damage over a period of time, so it is the best to heat dry as little as possible. You have to check always that your dryer is not too hot as we tend to love our faithful old dryer as it dries so quickly, often because the thermostat has gone. The thermostat always goes before your dryer blows up! In this, A red element indication is often a sign, but you generally know when it is hotter than it used to be!
  • If will use heated rollers, tongs, flat irons or crimpers on your hair, save them for those special occasions and don’t be tempted to use them more than
  • When you are sleeping, try putting your hair up in a “scrunchie” or covered band on the top of your head.this procedure, will help prevent breakage if you are a restless sleeper. In this Silk, pillowcases will also help if you are particularly restless.
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Shampooing and Conditioning for hair care

Yes, for optimal hair care, there is a proper way to shampoo & condition your hair.
When applying Shampoo to your hair, always put a quarter-sized blob onto one of your hands first and then spread it between both of your hands. As less is left on your hands, work more firmly into hair to remove the remainder of shampoo from your hands.

Correct and uniform application of shampoo will prevent you from having to return to the bottle for a second serving. Being creatures of habit, most people normally apply a great big blob of shampoo to exactly the same spot over and over again.

They then do a poor job of rinsing the shampoo from their hair & scalp.
Thorough rinsing afterward is the key to preventing patches of dry itchy scales from forming on the scalp – in fact, thorough rinsing is one of the most important in hair care.

The other good reason for thoroughly rinsing before you condition your hair is because the conditioner you apply has the effect of sealing leftover shampoo onto the scalp (just
as it seals the hair to make it smooth and easy to comb, hence the reason we recommend that you don’t use a “2 in 1” type of product as these build up in your hair since there is no rinse in between).

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After shampooing and rinsing thoroughly, gently squeeze excess water from your hair with a towel for hair care. Then apply a quarter-sized blob of Conditioner onto one of your hands first and then spread it between both of your hands.
Work for your hands along the length of the hair to the ends, avoiding applying too much to the scalp. The reason for this is because if too much conditioner is applied, your hair will become floppy.

After some year you may find that your scalp becomes dry and flaky and it is then a good idea to work the conditioner into the scalp. Once you have worked the conditioner into your hair, you have left it for 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

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This is normally caused by two things; conditioner being incorrectly applied to the scalp rather than the lengths and ends of the hair which is where it is needed;
and/or the use of way too much conditioner or not rinsing it out thoroughly afterward.

Detangling Tips for hair care

• It should have wide teeth and a handle for ease of use. You do not use the brush on wet hair, always comb it to avoid splitting.

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• Start combing from the ends rather than at the scalp. Working in 3-inch long sections to get tangles out, working each section until you can comb the whole length of your hair. By this gently tease apart clumps or sections of hair rather than doing the lot in one go. Clip sections that you are not able to comb out of the way.

• When your towel drying, try not to rub the hair: rather squeeze out the excess water. Once dry, try using one of the many spray-in detanglers available.

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