Dengue virus symptoms and prevention

Dengue virus is spread in every country of the world. there is a pain in the fever caused by dengue. There will be a lot of pain in your joints and bones. You can not differentiate between normal fever and dengue fever. it is like a normal fever,

its symptoms similar to normal fever and you can see symptoms within five to twelve days.

 Dengue fever is caused by the bite of dengue mosquitoes or dengue mosquitoes that are black and their color is white. These dengue mosquitoes bite most of the day. These mosquitoes can’t fly far enough. Normal mosquitoes can fly for a distance of two kilometers. Dengue mosquitoes fly within a distance of about 100 meters.


 Where there is dirt or mosquitoes mostly they are found and remain there. A slight negligence in dengue disease can prove fatal. Dengue virus is not transmitted from person to person. Only the dengue mosquito transmitted the virus in our body.

Dengue fever vaccine has been approved and is available in many countries.

According to the world health organization (WHO) 50-250 million dengue virus infection in the world every year.

Mechanism of Dengue fever

Dengue mosquito bites to a person. The dengue virus entered his body and circulate in blood cells. This virus production will increase in the body. Through this virus, many organs can be affected by this. Blood pressure may low of an infected person.

Dengue causes

Dengue is caused by infection of a particular type of mosquito bite. the mosquito’s name is Aedes. Female Aedes mosquito bites start dengue fever 5 to 6 days after the bite of this mosquito. A virus is known as DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4.

mosquito is a day breeder

If you faced dengue one time the chances will be higher for the second time.

Infant, pregnant women will be at higher risk.

The person will be at higher risk who have already face this infection.

 Symptoms of Dengue

Normally the symptoms of the dengue virus will show after 3 to 15 days after its bite of a mosquito. After 4 to 5 days the patient’s body is unable to fight against the dengue virus.

Joint pain starts within two hours of the spread of the dengue virus in the body. After 4 to 5 days the patient body

  • High fever after a cold
  • severe headaches
  • The pain will occur behind your eye
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Skin rash
  • Loss of appetite
  • Aching back
  • Aching head muscles and joints
  • Feeling of weakness

 Mainly, if all these symptoms are seen in the patient. it can be a dengue virus. And should contact the doctor immediately

 Types of dengue fever

 1-Common dengue fever

 Dengue fever, along with headaches and all the symptoms, there are rash on the body and it is a feature of fever.

 2-Dengue hemorrhagic fever

 This fever proves to be dangerous as it reduces the number of platelets and WBCs.

 3-Dengue Shock Syndrome

 The patient gradually faints and his BP decreases.

The revised WHO classification consist in 2012

  1. Without warning sign of dengue
  2. With warning signs of dengue
  3. Severe dengue

 Dengue Test

 Dengue test shows the severity of diseases .will knows the level of the disease. The patient has a blood test in dengue and IgM IgG and protein NS-1 are seen inside the blood test. Take care of platelets and PCV is important in dengue.

 The normal platelets count range is from 150000 to 450000 per microliter of blood. In dengue infected persons, platelet count go down up to 20000 to 40000

Measures to avoid dengue mosquitoes

  •  you go out from home, put on full clothes.
  •  In the room, you can use mosquito repellent spray.
  •  Dirty water should not be collected. nearby to your house.
  •  Do not let water collect anywhere near your home


Dengue is the mosquito-borne disease and by the control mosquito measures, it can be controlled. You have to take care that there should not be any type of collection of old water. We can do mosquito control by

  • Control Larva
  • Reducing breeding site
  • Insecticide you can use for mosquito control
  • You can use endosymbiotic control.


What are dengue fever and severe dengue?

Dengue is the vector-borne diseases it will be transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito. Severe dengue is the potentially lethal complication by a dengue infection.

What should you do in dengue infection?

  • You have to evaluate your sign and symptoms
  • You have to test your blood for dengue virus.
  • If you have dengue the check to the doctor immediately.

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