Anxiety disorders and panic attacks

What is anxiety disorders

We also speak of nervousness in the Hindi language to anxiety disorder.

You must have noticed that some people around us are very upset and upset at every little thing. Sometimes,

If you get into a fight with someone, you get upset, sometimes you get upset with the family’s things.

If you come to examine your body, then during the examination, all the things come out normal. So it can be due to nervousness.

Sometimes if something is not according to their mind then they get upset. Being disturbed by something throughout the day, there is a change in the hormones inside the human being.

In this way, slowly becoming upset becomes their habit. This upsetting takes the form of anxiety disorders.

Types of anxiety disorders

There are three types of anxiety disorder general

1-Panic disorder

If a person is worrying without any reason then it is called panic anxiety disorders.

A panic attack is very dangerous because if you feel your heartbeat is increasing you will check your then nothing will found because this is with your panic.

If you feel pain in your stomach and you will check the endoscopy then nothing will find because this is due to your panic.

In this panic disorder you will not find anything in your medical report but you lots of change in your body so this is only because of your panic or this is the type of Panic disorder anxiety.

2-Generalized anxiety disorder

If a person is worrying without in very small things then it is called generalized anxiety disorder type anxiety.


If a person is having fear without any reason then it is called Phobia anxiety disorders.

Causes of anxiety disorders

1-if something changes against his expectations –

Every man has confidence in some things that all these things cannot change without me. If something changes against his expectations, he feels nervous.

When a person sees that a person is dying in an accident if I think that there is someone tomorrow I can also be with him and he feels nervous. He loses his confidence.

If a woman repeatedly finds a deficiency in her work, she loses her confidence in work and feels nervous.

Many people lose confidence in their relationship after their breakup.

Many people lose faith after marriage after divers.

Whenever we have a problem of nervousness, a lot of thoughts start coming to our mind that to does not come out of our mind.

Symptoms of anxiety disorders

There are two types of symptoms in anxiety disorders

1-Physical Symptoms of anxiety disorders

2- Mental Symptoms of anxiety disorders

Physical symptoms of anxiety disorders

1. Heart rate increases

2. Frequent urination

3. Sweating

4. Upset stomach

5. Hands and feet get cold

6. Body vibrates

7. You feel scared

8-Feeling nervous

9-Feeling weak and tired

10 Having trouble sleeping

these are the physical symptoms of all the anxiety disorders.

Mental symptoms of anxiety disorders

In this case, every little thing makes a person nervous about the mental symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Like if you have a man’s exam, he thinks he should not fail in the exam, it takes the form of worry and anxiety disorders without talking.

Treatment of anxiety disorders

1-Start ignoring the things that make you nervous, don’t focus on those things, which is distracted on small things,

2-We have to concentrate our mind to avoid getting distracted.

If we focus on these two things, we can get rid of nervousness. Keep yourself busy all day and do the things that interest you. You have to busy all day if you like to listen to the song, listen to the song,

If you like to read, then read, if you go to the office, pay attention to the inside of the office.

If you are a housewife and pay attention to the small tasks of the house you will be busy all day.

If you practice this, It becomes your habit and will gradually go into all your sub-conscience mind you will follow it.

Whatever work you do with concentration increases your stability of mind. No worries of the family or any kind of public should remain in your mind, whatever work you do, you should do it with complete concentration,

Which will make your mind stable the best way to do this is to meditate. In our other article, we have already discussed meditation there are several types of meditation. You can choose according to you which meditation is suitable for you.

If you feel fear and worry every time.You have to see the doctor.

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