Acidity causes and acidity home remedies


Acidity is a common problem for people of all ages. Today we Will talk about Acidity causes and acidity home remedies. This problem is Due to the lifestyle change of food, this problem of acidity is seen in children even today. Acidity has become a problem from childhood to old age.

Acidity causes and acidity home remedies

Nowadays children play less and will be live on video games, tv and mobile-only. If you have no physical exercise, then that will be a big reason for acidity.

 Why Acidity

Acidity is the problem when acid reaches the throat. More acid is produced in the upper part of the navel, which irritates there. Sometimes it comes upwards which causes sour belching and burning sensation. It is mainly caused by bile. Whenever the heat in our stomach increases, bile is produced in our stomach.

Whenever we eat food, after the food goes into the stomach, our stomach releases some acid to digest the food. But if we eat hot food or use fast food, junk food or chili spices or sour more. There is a protective layer in our stomach to avoid acid, whenever we eat such hot food or more spicy things, then that protective layer gets damaged. When protective layer damage occurs. We call it an ulcer. So that which is used to digest our food, they irritate us, we feel sour.

Acidity causes and acidity home remedies

 And once the protective layer is damaged, then the process goes on in the morning and evening that our acid is produced, it keeps working on the same damage layer. Because of which he takes a lot of time to recover and we feel sour and feel jealous. If you eat more, then acid is also made more to digest your food, that is why it is said that you eat a little bit more and eat more often, which will make the acid a little.

 Main Acidity causes

 1. Eating too hot food

 2. Eat more chili spices

 3. Eat very sour things

 4. Eat spicy and spicy foods

 5. By consuming drugs

 6. Not giving enough time while eating food

 8. Overeating

 9. Stress can also cause acidity

 10. Don’t eat food on time

 11. Cold drinks also increase acidity

 Symptoms of acidity

 1. Belch out

 2. Feeling like vomiting and belching

 3. Excessive gas passing

 4. Flatulence due to gas accumulation

 5. Bad breath

 6. Diarrhea and constipation

 7. Stool smells

 8. Sudden weight loss

 9. Digestion of food

 10. Feeling tired without any effort

 11. A feeling of heaviness in the body

 12. Stomach irritation

 13. Stomach ulcers or swelling

 14. Chest irritation

Why we use natural method for acidity Treatment

Some of the people who have acidity complain that they also treat themselves. They consume antacids. And think that it works like magic.

Acidity causes and acidity home remedies

Acid is made naturally in the body and taking medication repeatedly to neutralize it can be dangerous and We should not make habit of taking antacids.

It affects the digestive system by taking Continues and our kidneys can also get damaged and Its effect can also increase in the liver.

That is why instead of eating medicine you should find out the reason for becoming acid.

 What to do to avoid acidity

 1. Every day you should exercise

 2. Get 8 to 10 hours of sleep

 3. Do not eat too much stuff

 4. Do not take too much stress

 5. Reduce spices food

 6. Do not eat too much food

 7. Food should always be eaten on time

 8. Green chili pepper and cinnamon

 9. Do not take too many drugs

 10. Do not take too much tea and coffee

 What to eat in acidity

 1. Moong Dal Gourd Taroi, Gilki, baby pumpkin It should be eaten in acidity in vegetables

 2. The only chapatti of wheat or hard flour should be eaten, which does not cause digestive problems.

 3. Papaya, pomegranate, seasonal in fruits should form part of our diet.

 4. A light, easy-to-digest food should be taken.

 5. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties

 Acidity test

 1. Endoscopy

 2. Bioscopy

 3. Barium x-ray

 4. Impedance monitoring

 5. Esophageal manometry

 6. PH monitoring

 Acidity Home remedies

  • Take a spoonful of raw cumin and stir it slowly. You have to drink lukewarm water after 10 minutes of chewing raw cumin. By doing this you will get immediate benefit in acidity.
Acidity causes and acidity home remedies

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